3 People

This page relates to chapter 3 – London’s people (includes housing) in FALP

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Short summary of the housing section: FALP Ch 3 Housing Summary 4pp
Longer summary of the housing section: FALP Ch 3 Housing summary 6pp
Duncan Bowie critique of housing section: FALP- analysis of housing changes by Duncan Bowie
Two-page critique of the housing section of the Plan by Peter Eversden, London Forum

Short summary of the section on health and social infrastructure: FALP Ch 3 Health and Social Infrastructure summary 2pp

Key points from conference workshop on housing:

  • Housing meeting GREED and not NEED – appalling living conditions in the Private Rented Sector.
  • Not concerned about numbers of homes as much of types of housing – liveable by Londoners. Empty homes definition too tightly defined and does not reveal unused homes.
  • Need for transparency on viability – to be able to see the justification/evidence.

Report of the housing workshop 140315 JS Housing Workshop report

Key points from conference workshop on social infrastructure, lifetime neighbourhoods:

  • Site allocations for schools, but no local authority control over FREE SCHOOLS –  the London Plan should give part/share the right with LOCAL COMMUNITY
  • Definition of COMMUNITY ASSESTS need to be EXPANDED (as it is only explained as pubs) and included in the Policy and referenced in other parts of the Plan.
  • Changes on health infrastructure lack CLARITY on how health issues are being assessed or addressed, and the resourcing of community based activities on health issues. 

Workshop report: 140315 JS Social Infrastructure Workshop