8 Implementation

This page relates to chapter 8 – implementation, monitoring & review in FALP

To download the Further Alterations to the London Plan as a whole, or download supporting evidence and related documents, go to our Greater London page. Or you can download this chapter on its own here.

Short summary of the changes: FALP Ch 8 summary 2pp

Workshop on MDCs and implementation: key recommendations:

Note that Chapter 8 on Implementation has many changes which are potentially helpful as ‘hooks’ to hang your issues on, e.g. see the Key Performance Indicators.

  • Targets (homes & jobs) are already missed. FALP changes do not reflect evidence around previous versions of Enterprise Zones ( e.g. which simply relocated jobs rather than created new jobs).
  • MDCs are strategic matters/proposals, so their aims, areas, scope, governance etc. should be published in the London Plan and should involve genuine/meaningful consultation.
  • Transparency with community representation on Enterprise Zones/MDCs. Alternative financing/housing model likely to overstimulate over heated land market (e.g. borrowing to finance development now on the basis of future hopes for financial return).

Report of the workshop 140315 JS delivery models workshop