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This page mostly written in spring 2014 with additions up to September 2014.

The London Plan is the Mayor of London’s over-arching strategic planning policy and covers all Inner and Outer London boroughs. Each borough’s local policy must conform with it.

See the key issues here as foreseen in spring 2014

Public hearings (“Examination in Public” – EiP) on the mayor’s latest set of proposed changes started on 1 September and ran through most of the month. The planning inspector will now report back in a few months’ time. Details, topics and documents are on this page of this site.  A large number of community and activist groups submitted evidence and ideas and many of these took part in the sessions of the EiP.  All the sessions are open to the public, without booking.

From one page on the GLA web site http://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/planning/london-plan you can download:

  • The plan itself “Further Alterations to the London Plan” in which proposed changes to the 2011 Plan are shown in blue.
  • An erratum slip for it.
  • An Integrated Impact Assessment IIA.
  • A Habitat Regulations Assessment HRA.
  • The SHLAA Strategic Land Availability Assessment.
  • The SHMA Strategic Housing Market Assessment.
  • [later] slide presentation from the launch event.
  • dates of consultations events and EiP timetable and issues.

Consultation on a new version of the London Plan started 15 January 2014 and ended on Thursday 10 April 2014. Detailed material – chapter by chapter – is on this group of pages under the 2014 menu.

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meetings for community groups about the Alterations:  go to events

Three other important base documents are

A (formally) separate consultation is under way on the Mayor’s Draft London Housing Strategy, closing on 17 February. Details and download at http://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/housing-land/consultations/draft-london-housing-strategy

Just Space documents and discussions are here in a topic-based group of pages.

10 Feb: a working group of voluntary and community organisations (including Just Space) has produced a draft response to the Draft London Housing Strategy: Joint VCS response on London Housing Strategy 20140210

Response to the Draft London Housing Strategy from Tom Copley AM http://tomcopley.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Response-to-the-Draft-London-Housing-Strategy.pdf

Debates, discussions, comments by others

Please let us have links to useful material which we can list here.

John Lett of the GLA London Plan team gave a talk on the new plan at LSE, with particular emphasis on office and retail markets (drawing on the two studies linked above). His slides are a 13MB download, linked from just under his name on this page: http://bit.ly/19WWz5h  Jennifer Peters gave a short slideshow on 20 Feb summarising the FALP 201400220 Short FALP

Also at GLA on 20 Feb: a summary of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment SHLAA 20140220 SHLAA findings and of the Strategic Housing Market Assessment SHMA 20140220 SHMA findings

Tom Chance blog, beginning to explore scope for densification in London (18-01-14) with some comments http://tom.acrewoods.net/2014/01/17/making-parts-of-london-more-dense/

Blog of Nicky Gavron (leader of Labour Assembly members on planning) blogs a first reaction to the plan: not enough housing proposed and anyway mayor delivers hardly anything: http://www.nickygavron.co.uk/  (15-01-14)

Assembly Member Darren Johnson evaluates the Housing Strategy in the Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/housing-network/2014/jan/29/london-housing-strategy-mayor-boris-johnson?CMP=twt_gu

Peter Eversden, London Forum, writes a 2-page commentary on the new plan, 14 February.

Demography behind the FALP: 2 important presentations by GLA staff (one from the Intelligence group and the other from Housing) were given at an LSE seminar in July 2013 and can be downloaded here: http://lselondonmigration.org/2013/10/07/londons-household-projections-and-their-implications-for-planning-a-roundtable-discussion/

19 March 2014: in response to a query from Robin Brown (JUst Space) the GLA advises that the Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) documents promised to support the Plan are expected to be published as follows:
Planning Statement – April
Dust SPG – April
Sustainable Design and Construction SPG – April
Character and Context SPG – May
Draft Social Infrastructure SPG – May
Draft Accessible London SPG – May
Town Centres SPG – early summer
In terms of neighbourhood planning – this will be part of a Lifetime Neighbourhood SPG, however work on this won’t be starting till after the EiP on the further alterations to the London Plan has finished.

Just Space work on the London Plan up to and including the version published finally in 2011 is, for the moment, all on the web site justspace2010

The debates about the last lot of Amendments to the London Plan in 2012/3 (known as REMA) are, for the moment, covered in our wikispaces site {temporarily offline ]