EiP Matters, Statements, programme

(Autumn 2014) This page combines the draft Programme with the Matters proposed for discussion in each session and links to the Statements which participants have submitted on each, including those from all the groups affiliated with Just Space. Beware because the Programme could change so it may be wise to check on the official papers (by clicking on the blue links in this paragraph). All timings except the start of each day are approximate because discussions can over-run.

Session 1 Monday Sept 1 2014 1400 to 1800h: The GLA’s duty to cooperate with other authorities  Statements on this Matter.

Session 2 (actually 4 half days) Housing need and supply
Tuesday 2 September 0930-1300h and 1400h-1800 2a
Wednesday 3 September 0930-1300h and 1400h-1800 2b
Statements on this Matter. [ including 304_JustSpace_Session2 Housing ]

Session 3 Thursday 4 Sept 0930-1300h Affordable housing
Statements on this matter. [ including 304_JustSpace_Session3 Affordability ]

Session 4 Thursday 4 Sept 1400-1800h Other housing issues: elderly & other groups, density  Statements on this matter.
[ including 304_JustSpace_Session4 Housing other matters [

Session 5 Monday 8 Sept 1400h-1800h Minerals and waste
Statements on this matter.

Session 6 Tuesday 9 Sept 0930-1300 & 1400-1800h Employment
Statements on this matter. [ including 195_JustSpaceEP_Session6 Employment ]

Session 7 Thursday 11 Sept 0930-1300h Retailing, town centres
Statements on this matter. [ including 195_JustSpaceEP_Session7 Centres ]

Session 8 Thursday 11 Sept 1400-1800h Transport
Statements on this matter. [ including 304_JustSpace_Session8 Transport ]

Session 9 Friday 12 Sept 0930-1300 & 1400-1800h Climate change, flood risk, water management  Statements on this matter.

Session 10 Monday 15 Sept 1400-1800h Implementation
Statements on this matter. [ including 304_JustSpace_Session10 Implementation ]

Session 11 Tuesday 16 Sept 0930-1300 & 1400-1800h London’s living spaces and places  Statements on this matter. [ including 304_justSpace_Session11 Places ]

Session 12 Thursday 18 Sept 0930-1300 & 1400-1800h Opportunity areas
Statements on this matter. [ including 304_JustSpace_Session12 Opportunity Areas ]

Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 Sept: reserve days.