Old Oak Common, Park Royal consultations

The consultation about the draft Old Oak Common and Park Royal Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF) closed on 14 April 2015.

The London Tenants Federation (supported by a grant from the Trust for London) with members of Just Space have been assisting local communities in and around the OO&PR Opportunity Area who have come together to form the Grand Union Alliance (GUA). There have been a number of meetings of local groups and members of the public, including a Community Conference, which have generated the wide ranging views and comments contained in the ‘compendium’ below. This is substantially the product of local people – that is apart from the editing process to collate the product into an orderly submission. The document is a faithful summation of their comments prompted by scrutiny of the OAPF draft. The GUA did not make a collective response to the draft Framework but elements of the compendium and of a standard template were used by individual members and groups in their separate submissions.

Responses from other Just Space organisations are posted here too.

Just Space response: Old Oak & Park Royal OAPF Just Space response

Compendium of reactions from the community: OOPR OAPF compendium of community responses

Regent’s Network response: Regents Network response to OO&PR Planning Framework

London Forum response: London_Forum_response_to_Old_Oak_&_Park_Royal_draft_OAPF

please send us other responses or links to them, using the comment box below.

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