Transport strategy response

Consultation on the Mayor’s draft Transport Strategy (MTS) ended on 2 October and Just Space submitted 15 pages of detailed commentary, based on a close reading of the Mayor’s draft and its evaluation against the Just Space Towards a community-led Plan for London which was the product of 85 groups and 3 conferences.

Just Space is very critical of the timing of this consultation, arguing that —on the current timetable for adoption of the MTS— key transport decisions including Crossrail 2 could pre-empt the full public debate on the London Plan next year and thus fail to conform to the regulations and court judgements which set out the requirements for valid consultation.

The relationship with other strategies, especially the London Plan, is also criticised for the failure of TfL to place adequate emphasis on reducing the need to travel, on the development of Lifetime Neighbourhoods and Lifetime suburbs and a wider lack of precise and binding targets which could then be the focus of monitoring.

The response, welcoming many of the transport aims and aspirations of the Mayor, has many suggestions for increasing the precision of proposals and ensuring that text discussion is fully reflected in firm policies. It seeks firmer and more precise commitments on many topics, notably full wheelchair-accessibility of the whole public transport system.

The full Just Space response is here (download): MTS Consultation 2017 Just Space Responses final