draft London Plan: responses

Just Space response

Consultations on the draft new London Plan and its associated
Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) closed on 2 March 2018.
Download complete JustSpace response (116 pages) here:
Just Space on new London Plan complete

For those who don’t want it all, here are comments on the separate chapters:
0 Introduction  JS on Chapter 0
1 Good Growth  JS on chapter 1
2 Spatial Development  JS on chapter 2
3 Design (+ housing density)  JS on chapter 3
4 Housing  JS on chapter 4
5 Social Infrastructure  JS on chapter 5
6 Economy*  JS on chapter 6
7 Heritage and Culture  JS on chapter 7
8 Green Infrastructure and Natural Environment  JS on chapter 8
9 Sustainable Infrastructure  JS on chapter 9
10 Transport  JS on chapter 10
11 Funding  JS on chapter 11
12 Monitoring  JS on chapter 12

and JustSpace supporting documents:
IIA Just Space response
Just Space – community participation in regeneration
London Plan Community Mapping

JustSpace cooperated with students & striking staff at UCL in a “teach-in” on Wednesday 7th at which a summary of this response to the London Plan was presented. A slide show is available here as PDF (not official) ME on JS on LP

*Just Space response to the draft Economic Development Strategy appeared on 13 March 2018 JS response to Draft Economic Development Strategy

Other responses to the draft London Plan
List to grow as organisations & individuals send us their documents

Press & blog links
Duncan Bowie 15 June 2018 on Dave Hill’s blog


Beyond (below) this point the page contains drafts and background material generated up to the end of February 2018. Some of it remains useful. 

Advice on submitting comments: Individuals or groups can submit. You can use the GLA’s survey-style response system or email an attached document; you can comment on just one policy, or more. This is the page.

Just Space and its member groups have been working hard to exchange and support each other’s work on the plan and necessary changes. This page lists documents which may help the final stages of preparation, some available now and others following a meeting of groups on Saturday 24th February. [ 20180224 programme ]

Earlier background material is to be found, topic-by-topic, under the Next London Plan pull-down menu.

This listing is in the sequence of the chapters of the draft Plan. [printed page / PDF page]
Everything on this page is draft material and liable to change in the days leading up to 2 March.

0 Introduction 1/19

1 Planning London’s Future (Good Growth Policies GG)  9/27
JS ch 1 Good Growth draft
Link to 5 Feb meeting on Equalities aspects of the Plan: documents etc

2 Spatial Development Patterns (SD policies) 25/43
JS ch 2 spatial development
Spatial Development briefing Feb

3 Design (D policies) 97/115
JS on ch 3 design

4 Housing (H policies) 143  / 161
JS on chapter 4 housing
estate participation briefing Feb
 HIGHBURY Group Response to Draft London Plan. FINAL.26.2.18
 Density SHLAA & Small sites briefing

5 Social Infrastructure (S policies) 201 / 219
JS ch 5 social infrastructure
  See also Culture briefing at 6 below

6 Economy (E policies) 223/ 241
JS draft ch 6 Economy
LTF ch 6 economy response

7 Heritage and Culture (HC policies) 267 / 285
JS Ch 7 Heritage and Culture draft
  LP Culture Briefing

8 Green Infrastructure and Natural Environment(G policies)301/319                            Green Spaces Friends draft
Regents Networkdraft                       JS Ch 8 Green Infrastructure and Natural Environment

9SustainableInfrastructure(SIpolicies)319/374                                                                                                                                     JS Ch 9 Sustainable Infrastructure

10Transport(Tpolicies)401[pages375-400don’texist]/438                                                                                                                                                           JS Ch 10 Transport

11 Funding the London Plan (F policies)  439 / 431
briefing financing Feb and slides financing london plan ppt to js
  Financial considerations presentation

12 Monitoring  457 / 449
JS on Ch 12 Monitoring Implementation

Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) of the draft London Plan
LP IIA briefing
  JS slides on IIA
Link to JustSpace comments on scope/methodology


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