Major role for Just Space in EiP

The Panel holding public hearings next year (Examination in Public EiP) has just (on 12 September) issued its draft list of the issues it wants to explore and its draft list of organisations (and in a few cases individuals) it wants to invite on each topic. The panel clearly envisages a major role for Just Space (and implicitly its component groups). The massive work by dozens of Just Space member groups and hundreds or thousands of Londoners over the last 2 years has clearly produced compelling challenges and contributions.

These documents are parts of Panel Note 3 and can all be downloaded from

Changes to the two lists can be suggested and the deadline for this is noon on Thursday 11 October.  Just Space will be meeting shortly to consider next steps and may publish some initial comments here.

Timetable slips

The timetable for the EiP has slipped. last time we blogged about it the EiP was expected to start in November. Now it will be in mid-January 2019 and run until May.  The revised timetable is in Panel Note 1. This and and many other documents can be downloaded from the same web page as the draft lists (above). This new timetable replaces what we summarised in our previous post, but that previous post has a lot more information and is still available.

The new timetable is a one-page PDF of 10 September 2018 here and archived by us in case it disappears: lp_provisional_timetable_10sept18