Just Collaborate!

Just Collaborate! – (Previously known as Universities – Communities Knowledge Exchange)

[from https://justspace.org.uk/2020/07/24/just-space-activity-july-2020-update/#collaborate ]

This funded project ended in December 2019. [Download most recent report ] Time has since been devoted to completing its outcomes – a video film and strategic action plan with a draft Charter of Principles to follow.  Discussion is taking place with the Community and University steering groups to decide which of the actions can be taken forward soon and whether/ how Just Collaborate can incorporate to position itself for funding bids.

Funding:  small amount remains from 2019 grant (UCL)

Lead: Richard Lee

Freelance input from: Sona Mahtani

Partners: Sarah Bell, UCL Engineering Exchange, UEL, QMU, KCL, Brunel, HEAR Equality, Westway23, Bengali East End Heritage Society, Community Centred Knowledge, Hayes Community Forum, Wards Corner Community Coalition, Thames Ward Community Project, Peckham Vision.

Note: UCL Engineering Exchange has paused its innovative formal organising of specialist support to community groups until continued funding can be found. JS would continue to play a role in its operation.   

[The following is from an eternal UCL report]

Following on from a session at the Tate Exchange in July 2018, Sarah Bell at the UCL Engineering Exchange successfully applied for UCL funding of £30,000, half of which was earmarked for Just Space to convene joint meetings between community groups and University participants.  This 12 month programme of work (which started in January 2019) considered how we scale up the support on offer from Universities to community groups, and the structures and mechanisms that are needed for effective partnership working London wide.  As the COLLABORATE project ends this initial year, the following documents are available:

Report for October 2019 conference


Strategic Action Plan 2020

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