Just Space is a London wide network of voluntary and community groups working together to influence planning policy at the regional, borough and neighbourhood levels.  It grew from sharing information, research and resources on the Further Alterations to the London Plan in 2007.


The Just Space ethos is one of grass-roots networking, informing and supporting local communities so that their contributions to planning policy are empowering and effective.  It does this by:-

  • Maintaining an overview of strategic planning issues and their implementation
  • Providing mutual support to community organisations engaging in the London Plan EiP process
  • Raising awareness of London planning policies at local level
  • Cascading learning to the local level in a way that informs involvement in Local Plans
  • Working in partnership at the local level to develop new links between voluntary and community sector groups, groups concerned with equalities and active residents
  • Developing plain language information that is accessible for all Londoners.
  • Coordinating the skills and expertise of members where possible


Membership of Just Space consists of organisations and community groups who are active in working on London Plan related policies and who are participating in the EIP process. Members at general meetings will consider and approve any requests for membership of Just Space. Groups do not have to be constituted to be members.  Just Space welcomes observers who are interested in developing their knowledge of London Plan policies or who may have an interest in specific policy areas and are keen to share their expertise.


General Meetings (the Just Space network) are held at least 6 times a year and are key to the success of Just Space, allowing members to come together to share information and expertise.

Meetings will be chaired by a member elected at the beginning of each

meeting. Just Space seeks rotation of the chair.

A proper record of meetings will be kept.

At least 7 days notice will be given of general meetings.

There will be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) within 15 months of the previous Annual General Meeting.  AGM’s will require 28 days notice.

Representatives of at least 6 Just Space member groups must be in attendance to form a quorum at General Meetings and at least 9 member groups at Annual General Meetings.


The main decision making body is the General Meeting, where decisions are made on the basis of consensus.

In between meetings, a Planning Group set up by the General Meeting will deal with the implementation of decisions and the preparation of reports for the next meeting.  The Secretary and Treasurer will be members of and work through the Planning Group.

Members attending general meetings can decide to set up sub-groups and to delegate day-to-day decision-making, including the conduct of any urgent business, to these sub-groups or to its employees.


Just Space elects a Treasurer at its Annual General Meetings (AGM).  The Secretary will normally be the paid co-ordinator.

Should the post become vacant during the year, a replacement will be agreed at a general meeting and will remain in post until the next AGM.


The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining the accounts, and will present annual accounts to the AGM.

Funds will be lodged in a bank approved at a General Meeting.

All cheques will require at least 2 signatories.


Just Space will publicise its activities through email lists, the Just Space website and regular conferences.  When responding to any press and media inquiries or issuing statements Just Space will only comment on issues where there is a consensus.


Amendments to the Constitution can take place at the AGM or at a Special General Meeting arranged for the purpose. The amendment proposed must be set out clearly in the notice of the meeting.

Amendments to the Constitution must be passed by a two thirds majority of the votes cast.


Just Space can be dissolved by a resolution at a Special General Meeting.  28 days notice must be given of any such resolution and will require the support of two thirds of those present at a general meeting.

Should Just Space be dissolved any monies, other than that which would be required to be returned to any funding source, shall be donated to a non-profit or charitable organisation with similar objectives determined by the meeting.

This constitution was adopted at a general meeting held on 20 July 2012.