Membership of Just Space changes from time to time as new groups join and others withdraw or (usually under pressure from cuts) find that they are no longer able to participate effectively. This list is not definitive but lists groups that take part in activities and actions. See the last page of Towards a community-led London Plan for a list of groups participating in 2016.

There is a “LIST” in Twitter of the active participating groups which use Twitter. You can look at their recent tweets by going to and see who the listed groups using twitter are at

London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies

London Tenants Federation

Hayes and Harlington Community Forum

King’s Cross Railway Lands Group (closed 2013 but web site archived at British Library)

London Gypsy and Traveller Unit

Race on the Agenda (ROTA)

London Volutary Service Council  now defunct. See paragraph on our LINKS – London page

Waterloo Community Development Group

Ladywell Society

Latin Elephant

East End Trades Guild

Save Ealing Centre

Regent’s Network – now

Selby Trust

North Finchley Agenda 21 Environment Forum

London Civic Forum (closed 2012)

Friends of the Earth London

Black Neighbourhood Renewal and Regeneration Network (closed down)

Age Concern London (now AgeUK London)

Wards Corner Community Coalition Seven Sisters, Tottenham

Our Tottenham

Peckham Vision

Friends of Queens Market Upton Park, Newham

+ technical support organisations

Planning Aid for London This organisation has been re-launched in 2020, hosted by the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) with a 3-year grant from the Trust For London. It exists to provide advice and support on planning issues to individuals and groups in London who cannot pay consultants. Members of Just Space should be aware that this will be a renewed and useful source of advice and support.  In addition to responding to individuals’ requests for help, the rejuvenated organisation plans to develop sustained relationships with a small number of grassroots organisations of people in need. Paid staff is small – Koen Rutten the key worker – and the main resource of the organisation will continue to be professionals volunteering their time. The eligibility criteria for individuals seeking advice are set out on Planning Aid for London’s website (below).
A re-vamped web site is about to be launched with full contact details and an extensive directory of links to guidance, leaflets and to other networks and advisory bodies.

The organisers have established a steering group with strong community representation: Just Space is represented by Michael Edwards so far but others could fill this seat in future; the group also includes Robin Brown representing the Grand Union Alliance, HEAR network represented by Christine Goodall, Latin Elephant, Hackney Quest and Architects Sans Frontières.
Community representatives have been very supportive and have encouraged the project to pay particular attention to Opportunity Areas and their surroundings.
Please would Just Space members help by contacting Michael Edwards about their experiences with Planning Aid and the planning topics on which they need specialist support.
PAL web site (old version until replaced by new):

Bartlett School of Planning, UCL and its collaboration with Just Space

Links to other London organisations are listed in the links section, here.

2 thoughts on “Members

  1. The Department of Planning & Transport t the University of Westminster would like to join. We have specialist knowledge in strategic planning (Duncan Bowie), housing (Tony Manzi) and neighbourhood planning and community involvement (Nick Bailey). Contact: Nick Bailey

    • Just Space is not a membership organisation in that sense. It is a network of community,activist and NGO groups which support each other. Some university staff and students collaborate with member groups and get involved that way. Do get in touch via the contacts page.

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