London groups

This page has links to groups, campaigns etc in London.

Groups which are members of Just Space are also listed on the members page here. Among those member-groups, the London Tenants Federation comprises council (and some housing association) tenant groups across London, many of which also represent leaseholders in council property. It also includes coops and TMOs. The London Forum of Civic and Amenity Societies is an umbrella group for hundreds of local societies and has a very active and informative web site and occasional twitter feed.

The London Housing Panel was established jointly by the GLA and the Trust for London to strengthen community voices and inputs to GLA policy on housing. A useful summary 2021 with onward links is at

London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies

London Tenants Federation

EstateWatch.London is a new (2020) resource supporting council and housing association estate tenants threatened by demolition.

Collective Community Action is a new (2021) campaign by a surprising group of community and business organisations

King’s Cross Railway Lands Group (closed 2013)

London Gypsy and Traveller Unit

Race on the Agenda (ROTA)

Friends of Regent’s Canal

Future Transport London previously known as Campaign for Better Transport (CBT).

London Voluntary Service Council now closed. In its place Just Space is participating in Our Way Ahead which is a grassroots network of London networks, formed as an alternative to a more corporate / NGO-based group The Way Ahead with this background.     Connecting Londoners is also a part of this constellation of discussions. Our November 2017 blog post is: And here is a Feb 2018 write-up of a meeting from David Wilcox—now-we. Nothing much seems to have happened since 2018.

Waterloo Community Development Group

Ladywell Society

Latin Elephant

East End Trades Guild

Save Ealing Centre

Ealing Matters– a network of 60 groups, and with a fine fly-through video of huge blocks in the pipeline.

Selby Trust

Friends of the Earth London.  has valuable guidance documents on community rights and especially FOI Freedom of Information requests.

Age Concern London (now AgeUK London)

Wards Corner Community Coalition Seven Sisters, Tottenham

Our Tottenham

Peckham Vision

Friends of Queens Market Upton Park, Newham

Reclaim.London is a campaign launched in March 2015.

Reclaim our Spaces and the Ubele Initiative.

Take Back the City is/was a campaign launched the day after the General Election May 2015. Mainly USA. Dormant for a long time. ? Just one person? This entry will be deleted soon. (March 2021)

Communities influencing & challenging developments in London is a project led by the London Tenants Federation, with cooperation from Just Space and grant support from the Trust for London. It aims to provide a space for community groups to share and exchange around what’s happening in London’s largest development areas (opportunity and intensification areas) and to link groups that are attempting to influence and/or challenge plans for their areas. The project had a web site but it lapsed. Effectively replaced by EstateWatch (see above).

Radical Housing Network formed in 2013 to link London and other British campaigns and to link also with European international actions and solidarity events.

The Antipode Foundation cooperates with Just Space and has a blogpost on precarious London housing (indeed precarious everything) at

London Renters (The London Private Tenants Coalition) has a Facebook page

London Renters’ Union launched 2017.

Digs is private renters in Hackney

Brent (previously called Brent Private Tenants’ Rights Group)

Camden Federation of private tenants

Southwark Tenants is private renters

Lambeth Renters is private renters

Tower Hamlets private renters

Waltham Forest renters on twitter as @WF_renters but ¿no URL yet

SQUASH Squatters Action for Secure Homes

Brent Cross Coalition 

Deptford is campaigning on Convoy’s Wharf

Ledbury Estate

Evictions: A London-wide group:

London Neighbourhood Planners – organisation of people doing neighbourhood planning

London Citizens launched a Housing Manifesto in January 2016 at

Squatting London is a research project based at Sheffield University, led by Dr Samuel Burgum

Fix My Block is a new (2020) resource to help residents of social housing blocks secure safety improvements from their landlords. Legal and practical advice.

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