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London pressure groups and think tanks

All-party Parliamentary Group on London APPG is an occasional meeting of all London MPs and some lords to consider London issues. It is run by London Councils. https://www.londoncouncils.gov.uk/who-runs-london/appg-london

Future of London http://www.futureoflondon.org.uk a network whose members are local authorities and housing associations, with private and other sponsorship, which engages in staff training, conferences and other activities.

Centre for London a think-tank (spun off from another one, Demos) which publishes reports on London issues and organises events http://centreforlondon.org

London First network of businesses representing “more than 25% of London’s GDP” with strong coverage of finance, property and related professional firms. Very active on planning issues. http://londonfirst.co.uk/

London Waterkeeper Theo Thomas, formerly a scientist at Thames Water, now campaigning site for better water quality in London’s rivers and other waterways http://londonwaterkeeper.org.uk

London Housing Struggles appears to be a person who is interested in mapping struggles about estate renewals. Has interesting material https://mappinglondonshousingstruggles.wordpress.com

National and regional campaigns and groups

Community Planning Alliance https://www.communityplanningalliance.org a new network which has come together using a map to recruit, during early 2021. Seems to work in a similar way to Just Space – by groups sharing similar challenges supporting each other. New website 2022 has rich and useful resources.

Localism Watch is an online resource, owned and led by activists, helping local people make sense of the government’s localism agenda, engage with it – and wherever possible, challenge it.  It’s a collaboration between the National Coalition for Independent Action (NCIA) and Open Democracy, and can be accessed at www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/collections/localismwatch#0  …set in the bigger picture of austerity and privatisation, people are coming to see new localism as another weapon in the Coalition’s drive to concentrate power in the privileged centre and maximise profits for its corporate backers.  While local communities now ‘enjoy’ the right to challenge councils to run public services, they have lost the right to challenge strategic planning proposals – such as those relating to nuclear proliferation, fracking, opencasting and high speed rail.  …Have you a story to tell about localism?  Are you preparing a Neighbourhood Plan, or bidding for one of the community rights?  Has your council tried to outsource a public service, or encouraged voluntary groups to become social enterprises?  Have ‘oligopolies’ like G4S and Serco taken over your local services, or bidding to do so?  Are you engaged in research or analysis of the localism agenda and wish to build a framework of evidence that’s focused, inclusive and understandable beyond the academic community as well as within it?  Or do you, quite simply, want to know what all the fuss is about? LAIRD RYAN 12 College Road Alsager Stoke-on-Trent ST7 2ST T: 01270 876342 M: 07906 121723 lairdryan@bignall.free-online.co.uk (Oct 2014)

City-wide neighbourhood network established in Bristol www.bristolnpn.net – link supplied by David Farnsworth

National service suggesting welfare and housing advice sources in localities. https://advicelocal.uk Put in your postcode and get suggestions.

International links

Just Space is linked with EUROCHRAC — European coalition for rights to housing and the city— network on housing rights which has been forming since 2013. It organised the successive anti-MIPIM events in Cannes in March and London in October 2014. It has a new web site  European Coalition for Housing Rights: http://www.housingnotprofit.org/en
Pat Turnbull from Just Space took part in the November 2015 meeting in Poznan and wrote this report back to members: EUROCRAC 2015 Poznan  Closely linked is  http://www.reclaiming-spaces.org/language/en/ and on twitter as @crosstowns

New Yorkers for a human-scale city http://www.humanscale.nyc suggested by Steve Boxall @regenerationEX

INURA International Network of Urban Research and Action inura.org

Recent links (March 2014) circulated by Jacob Wills

guardian article on Cannes protests
Peter Marshall’s Demotix article
Brian Wheeler BBC article
Nadia Elghamry Estates Gazette article
James Hatts London SE1 article
Fantastic animation about MIPIM and actions against it
William Ronan Left Foot Forward article
Brian Church 24hourdash.com article
Novara Media Resonance FM show
Reclaiming spaces, European news and views from urban social movements
Christine Haigh Red Pepper article
Radical Housing Network video of the anti-MIPIM London protest
John Constable, Southwark resident who the council took to MIPIM a while back, tells it like it is

On twitter:

@PeterEversden  London Forum (and its excellent web site http://londonforum.org.uk )
@Boriswatch (often silly, jokey)
@MayorWatch (more serious, but spans all topics. Lots of traffic, policing etc too)
@michaellondonsf  Michael Edwards
@Myfanwy_T Myfanwy Taylor
who else?
Defeated developments in London: web version of a recent exhibition of major development schemes in London, many of which failed to go ahead.  Most, like Soho, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden were defeated by community action – though this is not the interest of the author, Polly Hudson. http://bit.ly/1fygHfW

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