Mayoral Development Corporations (MDCs)

The London Assembly Planning and Regeneration Committee is doing an investigation on London’s 2 Mayoral Development Corporations, one for the Olympic Park and surrounding areas (LLDC) and one for Old Oak and Park Royal (OPDC). Just Space has been involved in both areas and has submitted evidence in advance of the Committee’s meeting (originally scheduled for March, then May but now November).

This landing page brings the material together.

Download the Just Space evidence PDF

Supporting documents: These are publications not otherwise available online when the Just Space evidence was compiled.

Cllr Sharman on LLDC area housing outputs

Peterson letter to Liz Peace & David Lunts 2019

OONF evidence to Assembly P&R committee 2022

OO groups plea to LLDC 2022

Harlesden NF progress review of OPDC 2022

The same Committee recently had a discussion on Opportunity Areas, the result of which is reported and discussed in our blog post here.