Borough-level activity

Some Just Space activity is at the level of individual London boroughs of which there are 33, helping people to participate at the right time when local borough policy is created. Neighbourhood planning is also part of Just Space work in a some areas.

Borough planning policy is in documents with various names (Borough Plans or ‘Core Strategies’ for example) and these are now known collectively as “the Local Plan”.
There are borough-wide policies as well as local area policy.
Find your borough planning policy on your borough website by searching words such as planning policy, planning strategy, local plan, core strategy. All changes to local plans have to be the subject of consultation.

London Councils which is the association of the 33 London Boroughs (strictly 32 boroughs and the City of London) does some research and plays a coordinating role. Maintains a useful map and directory of Boroughs with their politicians, officials and web addresses at


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