Neighbourhood level

Just Space has had some involvement with groups creating their own Neighbourhood Plans.

In 2015 Just Space collaborated with Elena Besussi and a group of staff and students at the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, in a project where an entire class of 90 students undertook work in small groups in support of 6 neighbourhood planning groups, some of them Neighbourhood Forums under the Localism Act, others not. Details and examples of some of the resulting reports are here. In the following years the work has continued and write-ups and links will be added here.

JustSpace has worked with residents, businesses and others on the Carpenters Estate in Newham for some years, ever since they saw off a threat from UCL to acquire their home as a “cleared site” from the Council. The Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum was set up and mobilised the production of a Neighbourhood Plan. Keep up to date at

A guide to “Neighbourhood Planning: Keeping It Simple” by Locality (authored byTony Burton) is available to download free: . The stated intention to encourage even more communities to take advantage of  the opportunities which neighbourhood planning provides. A further  guide on how to write neighbourhood planning policies is in preparation. The variety of resources hosted by Locality may be helpful:  Just Space is not endorsing any or all of the items.

Started in May 2014 is an open list of bibliography and web links on Neighbourhood Planning and related topics, initially designed to help students. Please add things to this list if you think they should be there – but it is not just London material. Crowd-sourced bibliography on Neighbourhood Planning, initiated by Matt Wargent and Michael Edwards  Or you can use this shortened link:  (New links June 2017)

A live map of London’s NPs (now 100) is at

Still valuable is a manual of community planning prepared 20 years ago by Michael Parkes for LPAC, arising partly from his work with the King’s Cross Railway Lands Group.

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