Influencing plans in Opportunity Areas

Just published: The London Tenants Federation and Just Space held a conference of people trying to exert some community influence on what happens in London’s Opportunity Areas —the 33 large parts of London where major developments are under way or proposed. It drew on the experiences of campaigners at King’s Cross over 25 years and the results are now published by LTF as an important report:  The conference was part of a two-year project supported by the Trust for London to foster community engagement in 6 rapidly-changing areas.

The conference also saw the launch of a web-based map linking community activity in London which is part of the same project.

New London Plan out

A new set of changes to the London Plan has been published by the GLA: Further Alterations to the London Plan. Consultations are open until 10 April and Just Space will be ensuring that community groups are able to support each other in preparing and making representations.  More details on the Greater London page of this site. The document is referred to by the acronym FALP and we suggest that the hashtag #falp14 is used for it in Twitter. Important 6 March and 15 March events for community groups.

In the mean time consultations closed earlier (February 17th) on the Mayor’s Draft London Housing Strategy.  Just Space worked with the London Tenants Federation and other groups to prepare responses to this document. Details here.