7 Spaces

  • This page relates to chapter 7 – London’s living places & spaces in FALP.

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Short summary of the changes: FALP Ch 7 summary 2pp

Key points from conference workshop on Heritage, Green infrastructure and the Blue Ribbon Network (BRN)

  • BRN; oppose infilling of parts of Royal Docks (Policy 7.30Ba/ para 7.103); promote use of all waterways for transport for both passenger & freight and not simply for (passenger) travel.
  • Green Infrastructure Policy 2.18C: oppose ‘dumbing down’ of policy (for access to Regional & Metropolitan Parks) from meeting access deficiencies to “help address” deficiencies. Continue to meet deficiency. Such should recognise/incorporate access to biodiversity.
  • Biodiversity enhancement to be component of several policy/text alterations, e.g. Policies 7.5 Public Realm (as part of “sustainable management”), 7.2 Lifetime Neighbourhoods.
  • Open Space etc. Policy 7.18: oppose change to title restricting scope to “Public Open Space”; use the wording for protection etc. that occurs in Policy 7.17 Metropolitan Open Space. 

Report of the workshop 140315 JS Heritage Green Infrastructure Blue Ribbon

A briefing was prepared for this workshop: Heritage Open Space & Blue Ribbon Workshop Breifing