Trailer for the London Plan

29 October 2016: The GLA has just published A City for all Londoners, the mayor’s pre-draft outline of the policies which he intends to embody in the draft London Plan and other strategies over the coming year.

We understand that there is no printed version available, The online version is a free PDF download 2.3mb at Read A City for All Londoners  (Later: printed copies of “A City for All Londoners” are now available by contacting the Public Liaison Unit at City Hall on 020 7983 4100)


Consultation on this document has started and runs until 11 December. Just Space members are urged to book seats at relevant “stakeholder” consultation events which the GLA is holding in November.  Details at [page discontinued]  We understand that community groups and citizens are in some cases being turned away from some of these meetings and we are in correspondence with the GLA about this and other aspects of the consultation process.

We were rather concerned about the initial format of the City for all Londoners because it was expensive and technically quite tricky to print at home or in a shop. We asked City Hall to produce more user-friendly formats. We are glad to say that Ben Johnson (Senior Advisor on Digital Policy) and the digital team at City Hall replaced the original version with a new one (also 2.3mb) which at least scrolls better. Thanks. In the mean time we made an interim version: the file is smaller (1.8mb) and it scrolls well on mobile devices and small screens city_for_all_londoners_small but the resolution is low so maps and charts are a bit blurred. The new City Hall version linked at the top of this page is best unless file size is a problem for you. Ben Johnson says they are giving further thought to making future publications as accessible as possible which we very much welcome.

Further posts will follow here as Just Space members begin to digest the proposals and compare them with our own Community-led Plan for London. You can follow by subscribing to this blog or on Twitter

At the launch event on 31 October Just Space made a number of interventions and a note will follow. Meanwhile the slides shown at the series of consultation events are being placed online here

The workshops held during November were well-resourced, organised in small discusssion groups round tables, each having a GLA officer leading and a scribe. The write-ups from discussion were produced very quickly and are on the web (above). Do spend some time with them.