London Plan starts as Housing Plan closes

City Hall has now published the draft of the new London Plan for consultation. It (and its supporting papers) can all be downloaded from

There are instructions on how to ask for printed copies, and information about consultation meetings in various parts of London. Just Space will be organising events as well, some of them jointly with the GLA.  Details in our events list.

Meanwhile 7th December is the closing date for responses to consultation on the GLA’s draft London Housing Strategy. Just Space has its own response in draft and you can download it here:  20171203 draft JS response to Housing Strategy. Do use it to  help formulate your own group or individual submission. Lots of background here.

Here is the response of nef, the New EconomicsFoundation: NEF response to MDHS – final draft

Deadline for responses 7 December!

There is also an “easy read version” which goes like this:

There is not enough

We agree but the devil is in the detail.