Add your community voice…

Hundreds of community organisations and campaign groups sent observations on the draft London Plan back in the winter. The Panel which is holding the Examination in Public from January until June have now published a draft list of the topics (“matters”) and questions they propose to discuss and a draft list of the groups they would invite to each discussion. They will finalise these lists in the light of comments they get by noon on 11 October — very soon.

Just Space has been invited for 37 matters out of the 48 total. That’s a great achievement for all of us who contributed to our collective submission.

But very few other community groups have been listed so far. On most topics the hearings could be dominated by property & developer interests and public authorities, missing out on the knowledge, experience and needs of actual citizens. Just Space has always aimed to secure about a third of the seats for community voices and we should do so again.

All groups which submitted observations back in February should now read the Panel’s draft list of matters and pick out the matters (or individual questions) which your observations most crucially address. Check whether you have been listed to participate on those Matters.  If not, do consider commenting to the panel and asking to be included in the final list.

The form for doing this is here: London Plan EiP 2018-19 draft lists response form
You need to complete and return one for each Matter. Explain briefly why your group’s contribution to the debate is important for the Panel to hear – on the whole Matter or on one of the sub-questions. The deadline is noon on 11 October.

Our experience is that community representatives value the mutual support of sitting in a group of community-sector people: it’s much less daunting than being the only one facing the developer and local authority interests.