Preparing for the hearings: next steps

Stop press 7 Nov: presentations for the Technical Seminars 6 and 7 November are now available. Here you can also watch the webcasts of the seminars on both days.

Our notes on 6 November (employment & household projections, housing need and demand, land supply) are here.  On 7 November (Zero Carbon and perhaps Waste to be added) here.

Between now and early December all those who submitted comments on the draft London Plan back in March have to consider whether or not to submit further documents —responses to the Questions which the panel of inspectors have formulated— on the first batch of matters for discussion at the hearings (Examination in Public, EiP) and get these submitted.

Just Space is working on this for our own submissions and will, so far as we can, try to support member groups in doing theirs. The submissions made in March will remain part of the evidence considered by the panel and we are asked not to write the same things again. But it may be wise to respond to the panel’s specific questions.*

The panel’s draft list of questions, grouped under ‘Matters’, was published in September and a final version will be published in early November after the panel has considered suggestions made for changes. Our suggested changes are here.

The whole provisional timetable for the EiP is here.

Just Space will be holding a number of meetings during this period to support the process.

  • Individuals and groups can respond to the questions whether or not they have been named as participants in the relevant discussion. A provisional list of participants for each topic was published in September and the final list will appear with the final list of Matters in November. All the procedures are set out clearly on the EiP web site.