Publications produced by, for or about Just Space. Please let us know of others if you find them: use the comment space at the end of this page. Pre-2012 material from Just Space is on a separate web site and remains available as an archive:

Just Space responses/submissions to GLA are not listed here because they are not very formal ‘publications’.  The documents relating to the draft Plans and Strategies of 2017/8 can be found under the “London Plan 2021” menu above, our response (and others’) to the draft new London Plan in March 2018 are here.

Documents relating to the 2019 Examination in Public of the new (2021) Plan are all at Hearings / EiP / 2019

4 March 2022 Guide to the Mayor of London call-in process and hearings, co-produced by Just Space with with Planning Aid for London. Download

Opportunity Areas: Just Space memorandum to the London Assembly Planning and Regeneration Committee; ? 25 February 2022

Barbara Lipietz, Tim Wickson, Dana Sousa-Limbu and Richard Lee introduce the project on community impacts of Covid-19 done by staff and students at the DPU, UCL with Just Space. The 2021 article is full of interview extracts and links to a sound map of London. This work laid the foundations for the community-led Recovery Plan for London, being published in March 2022.’s-impact-on-community-planning-groups

Bell, Sarah, Richard Lee, Daniel Fitzpatrick and Sona Mahtani (2021) “Co-producing a Community University Knowledge Strategy” Frontiers in Sustainability 2(48) Free download at

Bunce, S, Livingstone, N, March, L, Moore, S and Walks, A 2020. Critical Dialogues of Urban Governance, Development and Activism: London and Toronto. London: UCL Press. 10.14324/111.9781787356795 Download PDF free.

London Tenants Federation, Just Space and Prof Loretta Lees, Estate Watch London & beyond, in Radical Housing Journal, Vol 2, No 2, 2020. free

Pablo Sendra and Daniel Fitzpatrick, Community-led regeneration based on work of JustSpace groups.  Book is for sale and as a free download at and Pat Turnbull reviews this book for the London Tenants Federation here

Chi Nguyen writes in Medium on the London Plan and what might become of it with Coronavirus. Just Space figures as the challenge. May 7 2020

Tom Cordell writes on the London Plan in Byline Times, citing Just Space as the alternative

COLLABORATE! London Universities and Community Groups Working Together: A community led initiative. Document prepared for conference on 23 October 2019. Download JustSpaceUCL_final 23 Oct2019 More information plus video and action plan at

draft pamphlet People’s Land Policy from the Land Justice Campaign. Download Peoples-Land-Policy-draft-Sep-2019

Just Space worked with the Calthorpe Community Garden project in Gray’s Inn Road, Camden, to prepare a community impact study relating to the adjoining redevelopment plans for the former Hospital. Summary and Full reports were presented to Camden Council in August 2019 and can be downloaded here.Calthorpe SUMMARY August 2019 | Calthorpe Report_ community_impact August 2019 final

In 2019 Richard Lee, coordinator, led a workshop about Just Space as a source of ideas and practices to support community participation in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, organised by the Jam and Justice campaign. Their write-up is here. For a broader view of the work of the Jam and Justice group see their report How can we govern cities differently?, also online, here.

Lucinda Rogers, Why aren’t more architects influencing the London Plan hearings? in Building Design, 25 April 2019. copy here: London Plan + Just Space 

December 2018, a group in Manchester doing work a bit like ours reports on a talk by our coordinator on the history and work of Just Space.

UCL’s ‘Green Infrastructure for London: a Review of the Evidence’ 2018  –  a report by the Engineering Exchange for Just Space and the London Sustainability Exchange. This can be found at 

September 2018 Social Impact Assessment in London Planning, edited by Barbara Lipietz, Tim Wickson, Ilinca Diaconescu and Richard Lee. A collaboration between Just Space and some of its member-groups and staff & students of the MSc Urban Development Planning at the UCL DPU. Free download of report DPU JS on SIA
and Social Impact Assessment – DIY How-to Guide

July 2018 report from a meeting at Tate Modern between community groups and people from a dozen universities in London, to discuss ways forward Tate Exchange 2018 – Just Space Universities session

Launch of 4 new chapters (drafts) for the Community Led Plan on 20 January 2018
•   Land Reform Just Space Land reform chapter draft & Land policy chapter slides
•   Industrial Strategy Just Space industrial strategy chapter draft
•   Social Impact Assessment Social Impact Assessment draft chapter
•   Health Just Space Health Policy chapter draft

2018: an updated version of the Research Protocol: a manual / protocol on how activist groups and universities can best work together and avoid disasters and disappointments.

Just Space submission to Labour Party enquiry on social housing [England] 31 January 2018 Just Space response to Labour Social Housing Review 20180131
 [ Note that the Labour Party has now published its review as a ‘green paper” Housing for the Many on 19 April 2018. Download here. ]  Strong criticism on rents/benefits & approach to housing associations from Joe Halewood.

Just Space response to the mayor’s A City for all Londoners just-space-response-to-a-city-for-all-londoners Submitted 11 December 2017 10 pages.

Towards July thumbTowards a community-led London Plan: policy directions and proposals,
August 2016 This 74 page intervention is the outcome of more discussion by working teams of JustSpace organisations and another conference, all building on the February document below. Download: Just Space A4 Community-Led London Plan

PhD of Myfanwy Taylor, a product of action-research work with the Just Space Economy and Planning Group, Contested urban economies: representing and mobilising London’s diverse economy, 2017 PhD Thesis abstract and free download 81MB

Towards a community-led London Plan: ideas for discussion and debate.  A 24-page A3 document launched in Feb 2016 is here to download.

YELP Youth engagement in London Planning. Report of a collaborative project between Just Space and Barbara Lipietz, Caren Levy, Tim Wickson and students of UCL DPU 2017. Summary at Free report download

Report of Participatory workshop in the context of the Elephant and Castle Town Centre Regeneration plan. Latin Elephant and UCL Bartlett DPU  download April 2016

Economic Evidence Base. The GLA is to be congratulated for having consulted Just Space last year as it drafted its report, and then again after its draft was published in February. At each stage, and in three meetings, the Just Space Economy and Planning Group made clear what it considered to be necessary improvements, though without much detectable impact so far. In May the group submitted a detailed 20-page commentary which is intended to re-balance the “Evidence Base” before it lands on the new Mayor’s desk. The Just Space commentary is here: 160523b JSEP comments on EEB-final

Myfanwy Taylor and Michael Edwards (2016) Just Space Economy and Planning: opening up debates on London’s economy through participating in strategic planning, chapter in Yasminah Beebeejaun (ed) The Participatory City, Berlin: Jovis 76-86

2015:Just Space Economy and Planning group London for all! A handbook for community and small business groups fighting to retain workspace for London’s diverse economies Free download here.
Low-resolution pdf
High-resolution pdf  Printed copies are also available.

2015: Jessica Ferm and Ed Jones: London’s industrial land: Cause for concern? a working paper from the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, presented to a meeting of the Just Space Economy and Planning Group in 2014 and now online here:  Ferm Jones London’s Industrial Land – working paper final

2014: London Tenants Federation and Just Space working with UCL Engineering Exchange Demolition or Refurbishment of Social Housing  a report on whether the energy implications of demolishing housing estates are properly considered against upgrading them. Technical report + fact-sheets

2014: Robin Brown, Richard Lee and Michael Edwards contributed a chapter on Just Space to a book edited by Loretta Lees and Rob Imrie, Sustainable London?, published by Policy Press. A version of the Just Space chapter is here Edw Brown Lee 20140308

2014: Staying Put – an anti-gentrification handbook for estates, produced with Southwark Notes, the London Tenants Federation and Prof Loretta Lees  (Printed copies also available)

2014: Just Space: Building a community-based voice for London planning, based on Barbara Lipietz interviews with Richard Lee and Sharon Hayward in the Journal CITY,  free download

2013: The London Tenants Federation and Just Space held a conference of people trying to exert some community influence on what happens in London’s Opportunity Areas —the 33 large parts of London where major developments are under way or proposed. It drew on the experiences of campaigners at King’s Cross over 25 years and the results are now published by LTF as an important report:

2013: Regeneration Realities Urban Lab Pamphleteer #2  UCL Urban Lab

continuously revised: Crowd-sourced bibliography on Neighbourhood Planning, initiated by Matt Wargent and Michael Edwards  Or you can use this shortened link:

2010: Michael Edwards, Do Londoners make their own plan? in K Scanlon and B Kochan (eds) London: coping with austerity, LSE London Series, paperback, 978-0-85328-459-8, chapter 5, 57-71. Eprint free  Whole book is a free download at ; also chapter is in German Machen die Londoner ihre eigenegen Pläne?, Luxemburg (4/2010): 72-77 translated by Christina Kaindl Free at

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