The community-led alternative Plan

towards a community-led plan

In 2015 Just Space members decided the time had come to write a Community-led alternative London Plan in order to distill the work done over the course of many years’ involvement in London planning issues.

The community-led alternative Plan is a set of policy ideas written by 62 groups and organisations and comes from a wealth of knowledge and expertise as well as direct experience of the issues. For example, policy on housing and green space written by London Tenants Federation members is very different from the same policy steered by the property developer lobby.

Evidence and consensus were gathered through meetings, workshops and conferences over many years, with almost total agreement on the shared common ground.

Avoiding a corporate planning style, the document took the form of an illustrated tabloid newspaper and was launched at the Just Space community conference at City Hall in February 2016. People took copies away and distributed thousands of them.
Read the tabloid version HERE

In the summer of 2016 we produced an extended A4 version of the Plan and distributed it to GLA planning officers and all London Assembly members.
Read the later A4 version HERE

In August 2017 we submitted to the GLA a short version of the Community-led Plan as part of the options and “Strategic Objectives” being prepared by the London Plan team.
Read Short version HERE

We launched 4 new chapters (drafts) on 20 January 2018
•   Land Reform Just Space Land reform chapter draft & Land policy chapter slides
•   Industrial Strategy Just Space industrial strategy chapter draft
•   Social Impact Assessment Social Impact Assessment draft chapter
•   Health Just Space Health Policy chapter draft

For details and video of the conferences leading to the community plan, scroll down the New London Plan menu to the bottom.