Latin Elephant: the future

Published on 6 June, The Case for London’s Latin Quarter: Retention, Growth and Sustainability  (Authors: Patria Roman-Velazquez and Nicola Hill) sets out a strategic vision for the development of the existing Latin American business cluster at Elephant and Castle (EC) in the Borough of Southwark, London.

It is supported by a series of development proposals which together seek to maximise opportunities arising from the process of urban change. It also identifies existing barriers to growth for this business cluster and provides recommendations to overcome these so that the valuable entrepreneurial activity of migrant ethnic businesses (MEBs) can continue whilst helping to maintain social cohesion.

The existing Latin Quarter is widely regarded as an integral part of the current and future retail offering for EC. However, small migrant and ethnic businesses require alternative models for retention, economic growth and sustainability in light of regeneration. These have been considered throughout the study and are outlined in the report accordingly.

The report includes one chapter on Migrant and Ethnic Businesses and Urban Change, and sets 3 priority areas and 10 recommendations for engaging with and increasing participation of migrant and ethnic retailers under intense processes of urban regeneration. It presents evidence on MEB’s and some definitions for migrant entrepreneurship, ethnic entrepreneurs and migrant and ethnic economies.

Executive Summary:

Full Report:

This is the blog post with condensed summary & links to the report:  You can follow developments on this site.

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This initiative is in tune with the Just Space proposals for understanding the diverse economies of London – made in our response to GLA Economics in the previous post on this blog.