Estate regeneration: start again

Consultations have ended (March 2017) on the mayor’s draft Good Practice Guide on Estate Regeneration. First impressions are that a strong group of resident, community and other organisations are severely critical of this draft.

The Just Space response is strongly critical but proposes a co-production approach to writing a better version.  The key points are:

  1. Good practice guidance would be valuable, but this draft guidance is not good.
  2. Just Space wants to continue working with the Mayor to improve it through a process of co-production with officers, Assembly Members and key stakeholders.
  3. Top priority must be to protect the dwindling stock of social rented homes – the only ones affordable to Londoners on ordinary incomes (and even then often needing housing benefit to do so). Regeneration schemes should never lead to a reduction in social rented housing as they have in the past and continue to do.
  4. Decisions on estate regeneration must always include a refurbishment option among those explored.
  5. Consultations must be supported by transparent information and independent impact assessments and take place from the earliest stage, conforming to the rules affirmed by the Supreme Court.
  6. Any regeneration scheme which would involve demolition or displacement must be supported by a majority in an independent ballot of residents.

Read the full Just Space response:

Other responses we know of are here:

London Tenants Federation LTF response to LMGPG-ER14.03.17 and an article in 24 Housing about their response and their parallel paper for tenants on how it should be done

The careful submission from Assembly Member Sîan Berry, released 9 March:

This collective response is from a cross section of academics, policy-makers, regeneration specialists, housing activists, community groups, council tenants and leaseholders, social housing providers, and other organizations who have researched and/or worked with council tenants/leaseholders, social/affordable housing, across London, or have experienced first-hand the effects of ‘estate regeneration’, coordinated by Prof Loretta Lees.

Here is the response of the 35% Campaign (Southwark)

ASH Architects for Social Housing response: a guide for tenants download

Emily Jost on behalf of herself and the tenants and residents of Northwold Estate, Clapton, London E5 on their facebook page. or archived here northwold Estate response regen

Cressingham Gardens, Lambeth, signed by 75 residents very precise demands for each tenure category, including PRS and licensees.

Demolition Watch London

Barnet Housing Action