Impact Assessment: is it real?

Planning documents have to be the subject of impact assessments which evaluate them against a whole set of requirements and criteria – environmental, equalities and so on. These assessments are supposed to be an integral part of the planning process, enabling plans to be modified and improved in the light of the results.

In the new spirit of better consultation, City Hall has consulted Just Space on the Scoping Reports which set out the briefs for these assessments – which are now combined as “Integrated Impact Assessments” (IIAs).  We welcome these opportunities to input community points of view at the formative stage and we commented some weeks ago on the one about the Mayor’s Environment Strategy. Our comments were posted here. And another on Transport.

We have now been able to comment on the scoping report on the IIA for the London Plan itself. We do have major reservations about it: whether the current draft version will explore the right issues, whether it takes on board the comments made at the Stakeholder Workshops held last November and whether the draft Plan will be able to take advantage of the findings before it goes to press.  Since the IIA is due to be published at the same time as the draft London Plan this seems impossible.  You can read the Just Space comments here (PDF) London Plan IIA Scoping Report- comments by Just Space March 2017

LATER: the final IIA appeared with the draft London Plan in November 2017 and is open to consultation until 2 March 2018.  Download the IIA report here.