GLA seeks inputs to NEXT London Plan

Today 7 January The GLA planning team emails to say that they are having a consultation on what should go in to the next London Plan. We are shocked to find that the consultation period started in mid-December and has just 3 weeks remaining.

So unless the GLA can be persuaded to offer more time, community groups will need to move very fast indeed to make serious, considered submissions. Are the planners serious?

Looking back through the emails, we find that this was trailed on 14 December, so we should not be so put out by today’s message. Apologies. However there have been holidays in the mean time so the consultation period is very short.

Just Space has been working hard on a Recovery Plan for London but it won’t be ready before the end of January. We do urge all member organisations to respond to this GLA invitation as best they can in the time available.