London Plan 2021

London Plan 2021

This section of the site groups material from roughly May 2016 when work began in City Hall on a new London Plan until the final publication of an adopted Plan in early 2021.

The London Plan sets out strategic policy for the whole of London. It covers
housing, design, social infrastructure (health, education, sports), the economy, heritage and culture, green space and the natural environment, sustainable infrastructure (air quality, emissions, waste), transport and strategies and places for growth.

Legally it is part of the 32 London Boroughs’ development plans and must be taken into account in their decision-making. (The City of London too, plus the Mayor’s Development Corporations at the Olympic Park and Old Oak Common.)

Work began on the new Plan after Sadiq Khan’s election. It is the third major version of the Plan since the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority were created in 2000.

The finished draft was opened up for a 3 month public consultation that ended 2 March 2018. After amendments, the Draft version was examined by a Panel of planning inspectors at an ‘Examination in Public’ (EiP) from 15 January to 17 May 2019.

The EiP was open to the public at City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, SE1 2AA. Sessions begin at 9.30am and 2pm see Hearing programme

At the EiP each set of policy topics in the Plan is discussed at a Hearing, with the Inspectors sitting between the GLA planners (who wrote it) and the people disputing it. Some of those who responded to the consultation and asked to speak have been chosen by the inspectors. The inspectors’ written questions form the basis of each Hearing.

See the Mayor’s website on the New London Plan

Just Space and The London Plan

Just Space has a seat at almost all the Hearings. Being a large network of groups with expertise on many issues, different people use our seat according to the topic.

The main work of Just Space since even before Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor has been to develop ideas about what a London Plan would be like if it were to prioritise the interests of its citizens, its environment and its smaller, interlinked economies – instead of the emphasis on private development and the global economy. We worked to shape research and policy development by the GLA planning teams early on when they began this full review of the London Plan.

Just Space is a network of many different groups and interests but we share common ground and a joint vision for the planning of an environmentally responsible, fairer London. In 2015 we decided to write our own document Towards a Community-Led Plan for London: ideas for discussion and debate. 62 different groups contributed to its making. The GLA engaged in some discussion, though they refused to add it to the strategy options for the Plan.

February 2018: final drafts of submissions about the next London Plan [link]

(Summer 2017) Just Space wrote a concise statement of the Community-led Plan which the GLA invited us to submit for consideration in their evaluation of strategic options: part of the ‘Integrated Impact Assessment’ (IIA). A detailed agreed report of the 2 August meeting with GLA is here (PDF): JS LP IIA meeting 20170802

Just Space comments (21 March 2017) on the draft scoping study for the Integrated Impact Assessment of the next London Plan: Impact Assessment: is it real?

Read Just Space submissions to the EiP. Just Space links the Inspectors’ questions with our responses and some notes on what happens in some sessions, so far as there are people to take notes. There were also briefing sessions organised by Just Space with UCL in weeks when the EiP was not happening.

April 2019 We report on the important exchanges about the inadequacy of the City Hall Equiality Impact Assessment in a blog post.

InThe Panel of Inspectors submitted their Report to the Mayor and the mayor published it in October 20119. Here it is.

Revisions to the draft in the light of the Inspectors’ report and responses (ours and others) to the resulting version. Narrative in our blog post of January 2020.

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