4 Economy

This page relates to chapter 4 – London’s economy in FALP  [There are separate pages about the work of the Just Space Economy and Planning Group here.]

To download the Further Alterations to the London Plan as a whole, or download supporting evidence and related documents, go to our Greater London page. Or you can download this chapter on its own here.

Short summary of changes: FALP Ch 4 summary 1p
onger summary of changes: FALP Ch 4 Summary 7pp

Conference workshop key points:

  • Make the link between sustainable development and economic development (e.g. travel to work); industrial development and loss of land.
  • Challenge idea that town centres are in decline and emphasise the importance of identity, services for/by minorities, infrastructure. (very local and Major Shopping Centres are supported in the London Plan).
  • Undervaluing of existing economic uses which are further under threat via FLEXIBILITY IN PLANNING PROCESSES.

Notes of the workshop discussion 140315 JS economy workshop

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