Minor Alterations 2015

The GLA is making Minor Alterations to the London Plan (MALP) during 2015. These mainly deal with relaxation of limits on parking space in outer London suburbs and with the space standards for housing.

Details are here on the GLA web site.

Just Space put in objections during the consultation period, essentially pressing for a firmer and stronger line on minimum housing standards and resisting the provision of higher levels of car parking in new residential developments where public transport is poor: the priority instead should be to raise the quality and accessibility of public transport. The Just Space submission is here: MALP Housing and Parking Standards – Just Space Response

There will be an Examination in Public. Housing Standards will be considered on Wednesday 21st October and Parking Standards on Thursday 22nd October. Details of the procedures and the Inspector’s proposals for the “Matters” he will consider and the Participants invited to speak are all at http://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/planning/london-plan/examination-in-public/inspectors-draft-matters-programme

Just Space has now submitted responses to the questions posed by the planning Inspector in his “list of Matters” (referred to and linked above). Both on parking and on the weakening of housing standards —especially scrapping “Lifetime homes” and weakening disability access— Just Space organisations are submitting very critical evidence. Downloads here:
Just Space MALP statement parking
Just Space MALP statement Housing Standards

If any Just Space organisations wish to make use of the Just Space seat at either part of the EiP they should contact Richard Lee well in advance of the event.