London Planning 2015-2018


What’s the London Plan? a short guide

This page and its sub-pages record the work done by Just Space in the  years leading up to the Examination in public of a new draft plan in 2019:

The main work of Just Space and its member groups is to develop ideas about what a London Plan would be like if it were to prioritise — or at least protect — the interests of its citizens, its environment and its smaller, interlinked economies.

Since 2000 when a Mayor for London was re-instated, citizens have been allowed to comment on the final version of each Mayor’s London Plans – and Just Space groups did that to good effect. With a new Plan under Mayor Sadiq Khan, Just Space was determined that London communities should take the lead in forming a plan at a much earlier stage.

In 2015-6 the work being done was aimed at feeding good ideas to the candidates for the Mayor & Assembly election. After the election we worked to shape research and policy development by the GLA planning teams, who were starting a full review of the London Plan and the Mayor’s other strategies.

Going backwards in time, here are some of the pieces of work:

February 2018: final drafts of submissions about the next London Plan [link]

(Summer 2017) Just Space wrote a concise statement of the Community-led Plan which the GLA invited us to submit for consideration in their evaluation of strategic options: part of the ‘Integrated Impact Assessment’ (IIA). A detailed agreed report of the 2 August meeting with GLA is here (PDF): JS LP IIA meeting 20170802

Just Space comments (21 March 2017) on the draft scoping study for the Integrated Impact Assessment of the next London Plan: Impact Assessment: is it real?

Topic-by-topic material on the many parallel engagements between Just Space or its various member groups with politicians and officers at City Hall up to 2018. The third tier of this menu lists these topics.

A cumulative blog post Strategies, Strategies…  logs activities as at June 2017.

Papers, notes and media from a Just Space community / universities conference held on 28 April 2016.

Papers, notes and media from a Just Space community conference held at City Hall on 4 February 2016.

Papers, notes and media from the Community Conference which Just Space held on 10 and 11 July 2015.

A provisional set of demands  (“vision”) arising from the July conference and the earlier work of JustSpace, designed to inform the selection of the next Mayor and Assembly and the work of the City Hall planning team. (Released on 12 October 2015) and subsequent Just Space documents.

The work in 2015 and 2016 culminated in the publication of the Community-led London Plan, details and downloads here.