Local Authority Housing Provision. April 30th 2 p.m. on zoom.
Speakers: Janice Morphet/Ben Clifford Joe Penny

GLA consultation on draft plan for an Opportunity Area – Royal Docks and Beckton Riverside. 7 Feb -21 March 2022 with 1-hour online events on 3 March pm, 12 March am and 15 March pm. Documents and details at [ The sign-up links are not asll working on 10 Feb and we have written to tell them. ]

Past events —oldest first— which have taken place Since January 2020 moved down from the top of the page. Events in earlier years have been archived here for 2013-14 and here for 2015-August 2016 and here for September 2016 to December 2017 ; here for 2018  and here for 2019.

The People’s Land Policy project is organising a series of three
seminars around the issue of land, communities and the ecological
crisis, on 28 July, August 4 and a later date in August. These are listed together, AFTER the next item.

On Wednesday 5 August, at 2 pm, London Tenants Federation and Just Space are organising a Zoom meeting  for tenants and leaseholders of estates that are facing estate regeneration / demolition of their homes. This meeting follows the launch of a website  Estate Watch  that provides research and resources on estate regeneration / demolition  of council housing, a collaboration with  Professor Loretta Lees of Leicester University. The meeting will provide an opportunity for tenants and leaseholders in this situation to share and exchange and consider ongoing mutual support and effective working together. Free but it is essential to book to get the link:

The People’s Land Policy project is organising a series of three
seminars around the issue of land, communities and the ecological
crisis, on 28 July, August 4 and a later date in August. These seminars will explore an understanding of the national context of land use and management in the UK, as well as local Scottish case studies that demonstrate how rethinking land management can empower local communities and deliver climate justice. We also appreciate that the UK is embedded in an international context in respect to land, due to its history as a colonial power, and its role in driving international demand for extracted resources. Our final seminar will explore extractive mining internationally and the relationship of the UK to international land injustice, and how policy changes at home can help communities abroad.

 July 28th Tuesday at 7 pm. Seminar One: Climate change and the
ecological crisis: land use in the UK led by a speaker from Friends of the Earth who
will address the question of what land use changes are necessary in the
UK in order to deal with the threats to our environment. He will
highlight the problems created by the fragmentation and despoliation of
urban, suburban and rural land, which have been fuelled by
hyper-mobility, urbanisation and poor land use practices.  He will
examine how harmful agricultural and forestry practices have contributed
to the degradation of the environment. This session will give us the ideas to help develop an effective strategy for change.  Sign up at: For more info:

August 4th: Protecting wild land and empowering communities through land
management: lessons from Scotland led by Mike Daniels, the head of policy and land
management of the John Muir Trust (JMT). The JMT is based in Scotland
and has purchased a number of key properties which it manages with the
aim of conserving and promoting wild land. However, their unique
approach is founded within engagement in partnerships with other
organisations, addressing policy on issues such as wind farms and land
reform, while working closely with communities to ensure that
conservation efforts enhance rather than alienate communities. Mike will
focus on two developing projects: Langholm Estate in southern Scotland
where the community is working on buying this former grouse moor with
the aim of managing it for conservation and rewilding. He will also
discuss the Yeearnstane project close to Glasgow which involves large
urban communities fringing a wild land area.

This session will give us some inspiration of what could be done if we
owned and controlled land.

August 11th or 18th- to be confirmed. Exporting the problem:
international mining and its colonial legacy.  This seminar will be led by speakers from the London Mining Network and their partners, including speakers from Yes to Life, No to Mines and the Anti-Coal Network. We will examine how global mining corporations devastate the environment and the health and well-being of local communities. We will also consider how this relates to the UK. Not only is mining still an issue in this country, for example through fracking,
but the UK has effectively exported many of the problems mining brings to other countries. Communities in the global south have to deal with the ecological, health and social consequences of a brutal mining industry, many of these mining corporations being based in the UK. This session will place our struggle for land rights firmly in the international context, facilitating a movement for land rights that challenges the colonial legacy and is based on solidarity.

September 8 and 9 2020: Planning Research Conference of all the planning schools in the British Isles, hosted this year at The Bartlett, UCL (online). Community participants are warmly welcomed in any/all of the sessions: we are, after all, among the main people who depend on university research and on the people educated to be planners. Free but booking (and programme) at  Do take care to click within the eventbrite page for the conference guide. This PDF has full details of the events including 2 Monday evening events – with separate links not covered by the Tuesday/Wednesday access links.

wed 11 Nov 1200-1300h LSE Seminar on DENSITY – how it is designed, experienced, represented. Free

Book September for mid-October start: 6 x Saturday mornings course on Housing Rights for Refugees.  Michael Marmot Open virtual lecture: Social justice, health equity and COVID-19 Wed 16 September 2020, 10:30–11:30 free booking at

27 October Seminar on Financial Crisis, Inequality and prosperity for East London, zoom, free but must book

Land and Food: Social Justice and Ecological Responsibility
The People’s Land Policy is holding a series of four seminars in which we will hear from speakers and discuss what needs to be done in order to achieve a food and agricultural system which produces healthy food for all as well as facilitates environmental objectives such as reducing CO2 emissions and increasing biodiversity. With Brexit and the new
Agricultural Act, it is crucial that we all understand the issues. Food is a basic necessity, with many people not having food security. And agriculture takes up over 70% of land in the UK. For these reasons, how we organise agricultural production affects us all and is interlinked closely with environmental and social issues.
The seminars are:
February 9th 2021: 7 pm Post-Brexit Agriculture: What are the implications for farmers, food
justice and the environment?  Register:
February 23th: 7 pm  Land and Agriculture in the UK   Register:
March 9th: 7pm Urban growing and peri-urban farming
March 23rd: 7 pm UK’s Role in the Global Food Justice Movement
For full details see the Eventbrite links and website:

Housing Action Day 27/28 March 2021 by the European Coalition for Rights to Housing and the City is coordinating actions across the continent.

March 29 workshop at 8PM hosted by AltonAction, to share knowledge about the London Mayor’s policies on housing, environment, estate regeneration and communities.

11 April 1700h Southwark & Lambeth hustings for Assembly candidates. details & link at

19th April. SW London GL Assembly Candidate Hustings | ListenToLocals Video catch-up after the event at

20 April 1930h BST Wandsworth and Merton hustings with their Assembly candidates Details and bookings

21 April G15 big housing associations host a virtual housing debate on 21 April will be chaired by Dave Hill with panellists GarethBaconMP (Con), Sian Berry (green),James Murray (Lab) Dawn_Barnes (LD). Register to attend at

21 April 2021 1900-2030h Thames Ward Community Project + Planning Aid for London Workshop on how a resident-led forum could help shape new development and planning processes, so that local people are not forgotten. Details and link at

From 22-25 April 2021, the COP26 Coalition will host From the Ground Up: Taking Action, our second global gathering for climate justice. This will be a four day online gathering with 18 sessions dedicated to some of the key issues facing our movements today.

Register Now
  • To emphasize bottom-up planning as part of transition from fossil fuel based economy be part of the Just Transition session session held Friday 23rd, 6.30 – 8.00pm BST.

During this session The New Lucas Plan (UK) in conjunction with Green Jobs Oshawa (Canada) and JustSpace (London, UK) will lead one of the breakout workshops to discuss how transition can be lead from the community and the workplace

  Discussion and Q&A format with speakers: 

HEAR the Equalities and Human Rights Network is holding a series of events in the week of 19 – 23 April, culminating in a hustings for mayoral candidates on 23rd at 1600h GMT.  Cancelled because of illness.

New date: 28 April 1800-2000h BST Mayoral hustings for community groups. Details at
(to order a (free) ticket click on + beside the 0) moved from earlier date because at least one of the candidates withdrew on account of royal bereavement.

28 April 1300h at Bartlett UCL Inclusive Spaces: Join this interactive session to explore how ethnic minority spaces in London are being impacted by gentrification and ‘hipsterfication’. Saif Osmani, Mama D, Richard Lee

Fostering Borough-wide Alliances of Community Organisations Zoom meeting at 6.30 – 7.45 pm on Wednesday 26th January
Zoom link for the meeting (there is no need to register in advance):
Meeting ID: 838 7716 3233, Passcode: 923564

We have three lead speakers for the event, all of whom have considerable experience of building and sustaining such alliances or umbrella organisations:
Gordon Massey – Federation of Residents Associations in Barnet
Kay Garmeson – Ealing Matters
Eileen Conn – Southwark Planning Network
This is a meeting of the London Forum of Civic and Amenity Societies (members of Just Space, as are two of the three spekers).

People’s Land Policy
Making Participatory Democracy a Reality: Building a Movement

Seminar Three: Monday November 22nd 7 pm

This seminar is in many ways the most important of all our seminars. Whether you are involved in environment, food, or housing struggles, the key issue is how to build an effective movement for systemic change. 


  • Speakers: 

Thiago Ávila, one of the founders of the Movimento Bene Viver. This is a movement of diverse struggles in Latin America which shows how effective people can be when united. 

Kate Swadefrom Shared Assets. Shared Assets has been at the forefront of building a movement for land justice. They helped organise the Land for What conference and have recently undertaken a project on how to build a land justice movement.

Kerima Mohideen from the London Mining Networkwhich works in solidarity with communities harmed or threatened with harm by the activities of large mining companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and its subsidiary, the Alternative Investment Market.  LMN is made up of a disparate group of people with different political views and different religious beliefs (and none) who work together in formal and informal networks. We are united by our shared commitment to challenging and calling the mining industry to account, sometimes with a degree of success that takes even us by surprise given how small we are. How do we do this? Come and find out!

People’s Land Policy. 8 November, 1900h. Seminar #2

Speakers: Richard Lee from Just Space, Carlos Burgos from Wards Corner,
Angela Langholm Initiative, Speaker on Participatory Budgeting, Matthew
Herbert from Rhizone. Save Latin Village.

If you are interested in Seminar 3 on Movement Building on Nov 22nd,
here is the link to register.
Making Participatory Democracy a Reality: Building a Movement

Speakers: Thiago Ávila and he is one of the founders of the Movimento
Bene Viver, Shared Assets, and the London Mining Network

Land Justice: By the People and for the People Monday October 25th: 7 pm

This begins the latest seminar series organised by the People’s Land Policy. If we are to achieve land justice, it is vital that everyone is fully included in decisions about how land is used. Currently, decisions about how land is used and for whose benefit are currently made by those who own and control the land, within the context of market forces. These might be private landowners or government, subject to certain regulation by the planning system. This system does not work for the common good.  So how can we ensure that all people are directly involved and that they come together to form an effective movement for land justice?

Seminar : Participatory Democracy (PD) in Theory and Practice. To register: 

Speakers: Gabriela Sarmet from Coletivo Decolonial, Calum Green from Involve, and Andy Belfield from Public Works

This seminar will begin with a look at the current method of decision-making: liberal democracy and then introduce the concept of participatory democracy as a contrast. There will be a focus on the theory behind participatory democracy but will use practical examples to explore how PD has been put into practice in its different versions.

We will then consider the Commons as another model of direct decision-making, examining the similarities and differences with PD.

The eventbrite page linked above also outlines the second and third seminars in this series on 8 and 22 November.

Now on release in some cinemas:  The Street (on Hoxton Street gentrification) with Q&A afterwards at some screenings.  Details of screenings here.

Tuesday 14 January 2020 1815h for 1830, London Forum meeting how to secure more/better public participation in planning, in Clerkenwell, Free but must book at

Monday 20 January evening Food inequality in London, central London meeting. Free but please book at

Wednesday 22 January 2020, 6.30 – 8.30pm How can the grid meet the demand for green electricity in a zero-carbon world? Happold Foundation. Registration and Drinks Reception from 6.00pm. Venue: The Building Centre, Store Street, London WC1E 7BT Details and (free) registration at

23 January 2020 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm,  UCL London Planning seminar. Stephania Fiorentina on trends in office co-working space in London and Rome. Free but please reserve a seat at

Thursday 6 Feb 10.00 at City Hall London Assembly plenary meeting to consider the London Plan. Free without booking. Just Space urges rejection of the plan.  Also available as a webcast at

19 May Tuesday 1800h-1930h virtual book launch Community-led regeneration based on work of @JustSpace7 groups. Free but do book at Book is a free download at

14 March 11am-1pm Homes for All Campaign A Charter for Housing Action Open Meeting  at SOAS 10 Thornhaugh St London WC1H 0XG nr Russell Sq Tube

Thursday 30 April 1830 at The Bartlett, UCL, book launch and talk by Bob Colenutt. The Property Lobby: the hidden reality behind the housing crisis. Free but reserve a seat at

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