London Plan 2014-15

The  Mayor produced draft Further Alterations to the London Plan (FALP) in 2014. These were the subject of consultations in 2014 ending with public hearings (an Examination in Public EiP) in September held by an Inspector whose report appeared late in 2014. A revised version of the Plan incorporating the changes which the Mayor proposes to make (including changes suggested by the Inspector and which the Mayor accepts) was put before the London Assembly early in 2015 and a final version was published and came into force on 10 March 2015. It can be downloaded here:

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information about the 2014 FALP document

Just Space activity in the consultations

Just Space activity at the EiP

The Inspector’s report


August 2014: The secretariat has now posted on its web site all the Statements submitted on 11th August in response to the Inspector’s List of the Matters which will be discussed at the hearings (Examination in Public – EiP) in September.  We have made a convenient list here of the Matters and the timetable along with the link to the Statements on each matter. Just Space strongly recommends that, if you intend to come to any session, and especially if you have been listed to speak at a session, you familiarise yourself with ALL the Statements which have been submitted for that session. The Inspector has said that he will assume that all participants have done this.


Further down this page are links to a set of pages which Just Space prepared in March about the 2014 Further Alterations to the London Plan (FALP) to help us all get to grips with the plan’s topics and the proposed changes. You will also find links to the responses made by Just Space and other organisations in April.  Links to the plan itself and supporting documents are all here on a separate page.

General matters about the plan, the timetable for consultations in 2014, advice on how to submit evidence are here on this page (scroll down).

11 August: organisations and individuals who made representations in April had until 11 August to write again, this time responding to the Inspector’s list of the Matters to be considered at the September hearings.  These August submissions will be online shortly.

All of the 321 April responses to the draft Further Alterations to the London Plan are now (22 May) available as downloads from the EiP web site here

Consultation responses by Just Space are also downloads here.

Then there are separate pages corresponding to the main chapters of the Plan. Each has a summary; other materials were added to help groups to formulate their own submissions.

These are some of the key issues.

chapter 1 – context & strategy
chapter 2 – London’s places (includes the Centre, Opportunity Areas, etc)
chapter 3 – London’s people (includes housing)
chapter 4 – London’s economy
chapter 5 – London’s response to climate change
chapter 6 – London’s transport
chapter 7 – London’s living places & spaces
chapter 8 – implementation, monitoring & review

Just Space conference 15 March 2014 on FALP. Agenda: Just Space conference AGENDA
Introductory talk by Robin Brown and Michael Edwards JS FALP conf intro
Conclusions of the plenary session here  20140315 JS FALP Plenary session
workshop and topic briefings, reports etc are in the 8 topic pages linked above.

Timetable ( see events page for latest detail)
•10 April 5.00pm deadline for submissions: Then planning inspector starts reviewing submissions
• probably 9 June: inspector’s draft list of “matters and participants”.
•(?date) we can make comments and objections on the draft
• 11 July pre-meeting. Only those who have submitted in April are eligible to participate.
•(?date) final list of matters & participants (programme)
•Opportunity for those who submitted in April to submit fresh statements, responding to the Inspector’s “matters” and questions, before the EiP opens
• 1 September: EiP itself, after which inspector reports to Mayor
•The intention is that the FALP is published (i.e. adopted) by March 2015 incorporating changes the Mayor accepts.

How to comment or object: key points: (now irrelevant as deadline passed)

•Deadline 5.00pm Thursday 10 April by freepost to reach City Hall or email with ‘Further alterations to the London Plan’ in the subject box.
•You can comment ONLY on the alterations – the blue deletions and additions
FALP blue bits
• Submissions can be short but should
–say who you are / your group
–explain your objection, give Policy & paragraph numbers
–back up with numbers if possible and stories
–specify the changes you want to text and policies
• Your submission will be public and please send a copy to Just Space so we can put on our web site richardlee50 [at]