This page records activity up to mid-2018. The story since then is taken up on the front (home) page as blog posts and most recently by the page on the Examination in Public: Hearings / EiP / 2019

Vision statements

This is one of a number of pages/topics about the work of Just Space groups preparing positions and demands for what goes in the next London Plan. The “Next London Plan” menu takes you to them. Below (most recent first) is a listing of Just Space statements which cover the plans as a whole:

12 December 2016 Just Space response to the Mayor’s A city for all Londoners, his first statement of the policies he proposes to pursue in all his strategies.

Towards July thumb Towards a community-led London Plan: policy directions and proposals,
August 2016 This 74 page intervention is the outcome of more discussion by working teams of JustSpace organisations and another conference, all building on the February document below. Download: Just Space A4 Community-Led London Plan

Towards a community-led London Plan: ideas for discussion and debate.  A 24-page A3 newspaper launched in Feb 2016 is here to download.

Community Vision – this is the summary of demands and proposals which emerged from the July 2015 Community Conference. A draft has circulated among participants and comments incorporated in this (October 2015) version. The Vision can be downloaded as a PDF file:

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