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June 2021: we are making some changes to this web site, trying to bring it up to date, make it more navigable and do so without changing the URL or title of any important pages. The main changes are to the menu at the top of each page. We hope that users find the changes helpful and would be glad to receive comments, suggestions and corrections which can be written in the comments box below on this page.

This site is not a campaign document. It is partly an archive of material which Just Space has generated over the years in its efforts to influence London planning and make it more democratic. It’s thus a resource for London community groups. It also has an events page where we list meetings which people ask us to include – though this is rather thin in the pandemic.

On this page you will find a kind of simple index of content which may help you find your way around if the menu choices have not found what you are looking for. Don’t forget the search box which works rather well, covering both named pages and blog posts.

Below this point: work in progress

The London Plan

The menus are good for finding out about the London Plans.
The London Plan 2021 menu covers the process leading to the new Plan from about the time when the draft appeared. This section is likely to grow.
The London Planning 2015-2018 menu spans the intense activity in Just Space, preparing for the election of a new Mayor in 2016 up to the production of the Community-led plan for London““
The London Plan 2014-15 menu covers our work on the so called FALP Further Alterations to the London Plan which was late in the Boris Johnson term of office.
The 2011 London Plan and Just Space activity surrounding it is still all on an earlier web site. We’d be glad of help in brining the material here when anyone has time.

Submissions by Just Space to GLA consultations

 draft London Plan Implementation Plan Feb 2012 JS observations on LPIP 20120229
response of a consortium of community organisations to the Mayor’s draft Housing Strategy 2012 Download PDF
JS very critical of Infrastructure Plan 2050 in December 2014
JS response to draft City Fringe Opportunity Area Planning Framework 2015
JS response to draft Mayor’s Housing Strategy 2017.

Submissions by Just Space to national government consultations

Just Space responses to government and parliament on the Planning White Paper and related documents 2020.

Topics not well covered by the menus

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