London Plan finally out

2 March 2021 The London Plan has finally been adopted and published. This page on the GLA site has free downloads of the Plan and various linked documents including a summary presentation. Paper copies will be available for £50 and may be pre-ordered now.

Our view is that the draft plan issued in 2017 was a great disappointment; subsequent changes have included some small improvements but have also made it worse. Our latest view is here and you can trace back to our earlier statements and those of the community groups which make up Just Space.

We know of at least one legal challenge to the legality of the plan, from Caroline Shah in Kingston who spoke at the EiP with Just Space. Details here.

Coinciding with the publication of the Plan, Just Space is part of a network of individuals Collective Community Action calling for much more effective public participation in London planning and pressuring candidates for the Mayor of London election (6 May) to commit to a Mayoral Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) which is a long-standing Just Space demand. The call is hosted also by the Centre for London.

Also aiming to influence the elections is Listen To Locals, a campaign to get all levels of government in London to take local voices seriously. More information here and best wishes.

As we find other people’s comments we’ll list them here. Let us know of any useful commentaries we can share (our comment space below is open).

This blog from Lichfields on the new plan emphasises the changes made in the last year. It’s businesslike.

On Twitter you can find comments from many organisations by using the hashtag #LondonPlan

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