Evidence to parliamentary committee: planning & productivity

The Communities and Local Government Committee of the UK parliament is holding an Inquiry on Planning and Productivity – topics linked in a recent government statement.

The Just Space Economy and Planning Group heard about this only days before the closing date for submissions but was able to make a short submission stressing the damage being done to the economy of London by to accelerating attrition of industrial and employment land and buildings. The submission is here JSEP submission productivity planning inquiry

Community visions for the next London Plan

The main work of Just Space and its member groups at the moment is developing ideas about what a London Plan would be like if it were to prioritise — or at least protect — the interests of its citizens, its environment and the real economies in which we meet each other’s needs. Papers and discussions from the 2-day conference 10 & 11 July will be posted on this site and events will be announced to members and/or posted on the events page here.

Some of the work being done is aimed at feeding good ideas to the candidates for the Mayor election in 2016; other work aims to feed research and policy ideas to the GLA planning teams which are working on the next full review of the London Plan.

Regeneration and transport – Assembly scrutiny

Just Space submission to Assembly Regeneration Committee hearing 2 July 2015 on Transport and “regeneration” Just Space has been invited to contribute as a network of community organisations to this enquiry. The request was

The focus of the investigation will be to find out exactly what is the Mayor’s strategy for investing in transport improvements that will promote regeneration. The premise is that, while TfL invests in projects primarily to improve transport capacity, it also invests on the basis of supporting access to development sites which will generate future economic returns. Our focus would be on how transport supports local regeneration, rather than the economic impacts new transport infrastructure may have on the city as a whole. At the moment, it is unclear how the Mayor and TfL decide which transport projects to support on the basis of local regeneration, and what the proven regeneration impacts of transport infrastructure are.

Response:  [download PDF 20150624 JS regen+transport or click “Continue reading”]
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Next London Plan

Member-organisations in Just Space plan to work this next year on what should be in the next London Plan, due in 2016 or 2017, along with a new Mayor. There will be various workshops and meetings, plus support documents.  Some of these documents have been prepared with or by groups of students in UCL, guided by Just Space member organisations.  These can be downloaded here.